Buddy Bus is on the Road
Because mammography and preventive screenings should be easily accessible across jax
Women In Action
Because every 2 minutes a women is diagnosed with breast cancer
Sponsors In Action
Because our nation's 3.8 million breast cancer survivors would not be here without you
Fundraising In Action
Because every 13 minutes a women dies of breast cancer
About us

Pink Ribbon Jax has your back… And your front, too!

We can’t thank you enough for helping Pink Ribbon Jax impact and save lives! If we’ve learned anything, it is that together the seemingly impossible becomes inevitable.

Together – just in the past two year – we have raised nearly 3,000 life-saving mammograms for women and men who could not otherwise afford this vital screening. Due to the generosity of our sponsors and donors, we’ve held our expense ration below 1% (0.03% to be exact) so more than 99¢ of every dollar raised directly funds our cause!

Together, we also educate the community about breast health, and light Jacksonville pink during October in support of those battling this disease who feel isolated and alone.

Together, this is the impact we have on the lives of families in Jax… and one of the foremost reasons the Association of Fundraising Professionals, First Coast Chapter, recognized Pink Ribbon Jax with the 2021 National Philanthropy Day Award for Outstanding Fundraiser.

As we continue to rise to the challenges of the day, it is critical for our much-needed, no-cost mammogram program to grow and thrive. In response to what is needed most, our goal for 2023 is to fund 1,500 mammograms for uninsured women and men! Each free mammogram to the community provided by the two hospitals PRJ’s efforts benefit – Baptist Health and  Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville – costs, on average, $300. That is one life potentially saved, and an entire circle of family and friends saved from loss.

Together, we can make sure every person has a fighting chance to survive breast cancer. And it all starts with a mammogram.

we take care of our community

We raise funds for breast cancer research and services in Jacksonville