Committee Members

Because…If you want something done, ask a busy woman!

2024 Committee

We would like to recognize the many quiet heroes who give so much of themselves – they donate their time, talents, treasures and dollars.

Thank you for all you do on behalf of others!

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Marica Pendjer


Susie Buckey 


Rebecca Bergson



Sarai Allen

Brookie Brown

Michelle Burgstiner  

Susana Cruz

Betsy Dixon

Judy Flynn

Nikki Gabler

Joanne Ghiloni

Tracey Haley

Becky Jewett

Amanda Joca

Alison McCallum

Julie Meyer

Patty Naugle

Bianka Restrepo

Natasha Restrepo

Patti Rossi

Taylor Ruiz

Karen Saber

Michele Small


Light Jax Pink SubCommittee

Laura Phillips Edgecombe

Ina Mezini

Ryan Sitnik

Sarah Teagle


Past Chairs

Susie Buckey
Joanne Ghiloni
Millie Harrison
Duffy Kopriva

Nancy Morrison
Renee Randolph
Alison Untiedt
Robin Wahby